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Kira Mechanical Keyboard

Original price $169.00 - Original price $259.99
Original price
$169.00 - $259.99
Current price $259.99
Frame Material: Metal
Frame Color: Silver
Switch: Hako Clear

Kira is our finest full sized mechanical keyboard design. Angelo Tobias (thesiscamper) and Input Club collaborated to create Kira’s uniquely classy RGB aesthetic. Kira comes with a variety of mechanical switches, which are hot swappable. It can be configured with Input Club’s typist friendly Hako Switches and a variety of options from other manufacturers.

Please flash your keyboard as soon as you receive it:

The firmware that Kira ships with is severely out of date. This can be solved with the flashing instructions above. Lighting and stability issues mentioned in negative reviews are almost always related to old firmware, as newer releases fixed bugs and added features.

compact layout

Kira’s 99-key condensed layout packs the functionality of a standard full size keyboard into a better form factor. Custom dye-sublimated PBT keycaps enhance its unique functionality. Its keycaps will resist wear and finger oils for much longer than those of an average keyboard.

fully open source

Hardware programmability makes every key a powerful macro — no active software necessary. Kira uses an open source firmware called Keyboard Layout Language (KLL) that allows it to work seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Its USB-C port offers convenient, future-proof connectivity as more systems migrate to the standard.

keyboard features

  • 99 Key Condensed Full Size Layout
  • Hot Swappable Switches
  • Injection Molded Plastic or CNC Aluminum Keyboard Frame 
  • Fully Programmable Without Active Software  
  • Per Key Configurable RGB Lighting and Underglow  
  • PBT Dye Sublimated Keycaps  
  • USB Type-C to Type-A Cable
  • RGB LED Indicator Lights  
  • N-Key Rollover  
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac  
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Carrying Case Included


  • 378.2 mm L x 130.25 mm W
  • Front Bezel Height: 21.8 mm 
  • Rear Bezel Height: 40.4 mm
  • Weight (Metal Frame, Hako Clear): ~1.18 kg
  • Weight (Plastic Frame, Hako Clear): ~1.00 kg
  • Keycap layout information via KLE

switch options

Compatibility Note: pre-retooling Box switches may cause cracking in certain aftermarket ABS keycap sets — notably those from GMK. PBT / POM keycaps will not crack, but they may experience stretching. Stock Kira keycaps are not affected. Internal testing indicates that the cracking / stretching does not affect GMK / aftermarket sets universally, so yours may fit correctly on Box switches. We recommend testing a spare keycap on your Box switches for at least two weeks, then performing a visual inspection / fitment test on Cherry MX switches, before applying the entire set.

included keycaps

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