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Maxkey F-22

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Take to the skies with this keycap set based on the F-22 Raptor! Featuring Air Force novelties and a striking blue accent, you'll be the envy of every aviator around!

This advanced air superiority fighter keycap set has all the capabilities needed for typing: whether it be ground attack skirmishes or stealthily evading enemies! These amazing American machines and pilots protect the USA's borders from air bases around the world, ranging from the last frontier in Alaska, to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, to the southernmost state of Florida. This highly maneuverable thrust vectoring aircraft with powerful dual Pratt & Whitney engines provide enough thrust to supercruise at Mach speed. 

  • Designed by York Chan
  • ABS Doubleshot
  • SA Profile
  • Produced by Maxkey
  • Compatible with Kono 84, Gemini Dusk/Dawn, and more!

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