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Titan65 Aluminum/Brass Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Original price $339.99 - Original price $384.99
Original price
$339.99 - $384.99
Current price $339.99
Material: Aluminum
Color: White
PCB: Hotswap

Designed to use a burger mount system, sandwiching the plate between washers and gaskets on either side, then using screws to hold the plate to the top of the case — delicious. The side of the case has a slight taper, which blends its faces front to back. Titan65's IBM-adjacent design summons a bold retrofuturistic look, one that's equally appealing in sci-fi hangars and modern desktops.

The board has a 7 degree typing angle with a USB-C port that is parallel to the ground. Its PCB is QMK and VIA compatible. There are through-hole solder and hotswap versions available. Please note, only the hotswap version has RGB.

Total Weight:
With Aluminum Base: 1.35kg (2.97lbs)
With Brass Base: 2.35kg (5.18lbs)

Key Features

  • Either [Through-Hole Solder, no RGB]/[Hotswap, with RGB]
  • Burger Mounted Plate
  • Seamless Assembly with bottom panel
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • VIA-compatible PCB with Unified C3 Daughterboard (USB-C)
  • PCB compatible with 5-pin (PCB mount) and 3-pin (plate mount) switches.
  • Per-Key RGB (Hotswap Only)
  • ISO Layout (Soldered Only)
  • 4mm Aluminum Plate

Kit Contents

  • 1x E-Coat 6061 aluminum board top
  • 1x E-coat 6061 aluminum base OR Bead-Blasted Brass with Passivation
  • 1x Grey Anodized 4mm 6061 Aluminum Plate
  • QMK + VIA Compatible PCB
  • Unified C3 Daughterboard
  • JST Cable
  • Assortment of black silicone pads for feet and gaskets
  • M3 and M2 Allen Keys

Keycaps and Switches not included

Note: The colors shown are digital renderings. Production colors will be very similar, but not an exact match.

Hotswap PCB Layout:

Soldered PCB Layout:

Other Vendors:
EU - CandyKeys
CA - Deskhero

Designed by Phase Studio

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