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ePBT Soju

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Kit: Base

Pour one out for your old keycaps with ePBT Soju. The old set worked hard, and soju is the liquor of friendship. It has outgrown Korean origins to find a dedicated international community. There is only one rule when drinking soju: if a nearby glass is low, fill it back up for your companion.

flavors galore

Plain soju is respectable, but flavored versions of the drink have taken markets by storm. Appropriately themed accent kits and deskmats round out the set's bottle-green hues. If you're over the drinking age, we recommend sampling each flavor before making a decision.

drinking games

Each soju bottlecap hides a classic table-wide activity. If you bend their tamper-evident bands back, they can be passed around and flicked. Eventually the metal sprig will fail catastrophically and fly off into a corner. The lucky destroyer usually drinks a shot shortly afterwards.

Fortunately, ePBT Soju's THOK novelty is much more sturdy. It also sets up party stories as a discussion piece. With that in mind, we're not too concerned about its immobile tamper-evident band.

Deskmats found here

  • Designed by Dandruff
  • Produced by ePBT
  • PBT Dyesub
  • Deskmats: stitched edge, 900x400 mm, 3mm thick
  • Thok Novelty: Solid brass with a green satin PVD finish
  • Thok Novelty Gold: Solid brass with a matte gold PVD finish
  • Geekhack Thread

What's your favorite flavor?

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