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GMK Posh

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The term “posh” — which describes stylish luxury — stormed into British slang around the late 18th century. Its grasp on pop culture has only expanded since. GMK Posh radiates desktop chic; its gentle his-and-hers palette should satiate your strongest fashionable impulses. Lock in your first-class reservation before it’s too late!

GMK Posh features an extensive base kit and compatibility with popular community layouts. Light cream, navy blue, and dusty rose pink combine in its delicious doubleshot blend. Alternate alpha and modifier colourways offer more pink options if that's what you fancy, with Spacebar and 40s kits covering niche key sizes. Add the romantic novelty kit for a sultry twist — your keyboard deserves it.

Deskmat found here

  • Produced by GMK
  • Designed by annlovesbears and 12keyboards
  • ABS Doubleshot plastic
  • Alternative alpha and modifier colors (pink)
  • Geekhack Thread

Crucible Novelty by KeyLabs

  • Aluminum with Enamel infill
  • Modeled after GMK R1 profile, flat top face
  • Colormatched to GMK Posh RAL colors