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Hexgears Impulse - Spill-Resistant RGB Mechanical Keyboard


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The Hexgears Impulse is available in two amazing flavors. The Impulse RGB gaming keyboard showcases delectable full RGB lighting and special shine-through pudding keycaps. The Impulse Monochrome offers white backlighting, high contrast keycaps, and RGB ring lighting. Self-cleaning Kailh Box switches and IP56 water resistance ensure performance, even in the harshest conditions.

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durable pbt keycaps

PBT is a specialty engineering plastic that resists shine and finger grease. This is far better than cheaper painted ABS plastic used by major brands. Both the Impulse RGB and the Impulse Monochrome use PBT for their doubleshot injection molded keycaps — meaning that the main letters won’t ever wear off.

mind-blowing rgb backlighting and rgb ring lighting

The Impulse offers one of the best RGB keyboard implementations on the market. No software is required, which ensures compatibility with various operating systems. Once plugged in, the RGB ring lighting and per-key RGB backlighting is remarkably smooth — and translucent pudding keycaps showcase it in a way that other keyboards can only dream of. Numerous interactive, static, and RGB backlighting modes / adjustments allow you to select an experience that matches your battlestation.

survives your worst impulses

Do you have a coffee habit? A cat that spills things on the regular? The Impulse mechanical gaming keyboard will handle liquids like a champ. IP56 water resistance ensures that the Impulse still functions when blasted with powerful water jets, so most household liquids won’t affect it at all. A curved metal switch mounting plate (which resists flex) creates additional stability and durability across its frame as well.

mechanical kailh box switches

Kailh Box switches are rated for 80 million presses — significantly above the industry standard. They come equipped with drainage ports and self-cleaning assemblies to ensure that they can keep up with the rest of the keyboard. Box switches also feel excellent, as they’re less wobbly and noticeably smoother than standard models. Tactile Box switches result in quiet mechanical keyboards when compared with competing designs, but the clicky versions go all out.

Clicky Box switches use a revolutionary click mechanism, the click bar, to create their signature noise. Click bars provide a cleaner click than standard Cherry MX-style mechanisms, which tend to rattle. They also have a nicer tactile response — see this guide to learn more.

customization options

The Impulse is designed to be a plug and play device. Its feature set offers exactly what you need to get up and running fast. 2-stage angle adjustment feet match your preferences. In addition, basic onboard functions like macros and Windows key locking enhance your experience.


  • RGB ring lighting
  • Per-key customizable lighting modes
  • Doubleshot extra durable PBT keycaps (pudding keycaps or 2-tone)
  • IP56 water resistant design
  • Switches: Kailh Box Brown (Tactile), Box White (Clicky), or Hako Clear (Medium-Heavy Tactile)
  • Curved metal switch mounting plate
  • 2 stage angle adjustment feet
  • Weight: 918g
  • Download Instruction Manual

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