Hexgears X-1 Kickstarter Referral Campaign

In celebration of the launch of the Hexgears X-1 Kickstarter, we are creating a referral program that anyone can participate in. We’d love your help in spreading the word. Below are details on how to create a referral code.

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  1. We will send your referrals an email with links to the Hexgears X-1 Kickstarter. Every referral who joins the X-1 Kickstarter would give you Kono Store Credit.

  2. The first referral grants you $5 Kono Store credit, followed with $3 Kono Store credit on each additional referral. These credits will apply to the account once the Kickstarter is complete.

  3. Each of your referrals will also receive $5 store credit that will apply to their accounts after the Kickstarter has finished.
  4. You can only use this referral page once per backer, but you can refer as many emails as you'd like. Please separate multiple Referral Emails with commas. Referrals must use their same emails to sign up for the Kickstarter to receive the Store Credit.
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