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Mechanical Keyboard Switches for ErgoDox / Ergo Keyboards (80 Count)


Kono Store's selection of ergo-mechanical switches offer comfort and durability. Cherry and Kailh (Kaihua) produce the vast majority of mechanical switches on the market. We also included one Input Club switch, which is produced by Kaihua. These convenient 80 packs are designed to work with ergonomic keyboard kits — particularly the ErgoDox.

Check out the Infinity ErgoDox!

Note: This is a pre-order. It will close on February 28, 2019. Switches are expected to arrive in July 2019.

Learn more about each switch via Input Club's Comparative Guide:

Or, if you're unfamiliar with mechanical switches, read this article.


  • 80 plate-mount switches per pack
  • Specifications vary based upon selection
  • Switches only — no keyboard included