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ErgoDox 76 "Hot Dox" V2 Mechanical Keyboard

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The Hot Dox V2 is more than a typical ErgoDox — the hot swap switches allow you to easily swap in all your favorite switches, no soldering required. This is a great way for newcomers and long-time hobbyists to enter the world of ergonomic mechanical keyboards. The V2 is pre-assembled, has a layer indicator screen, RGB Backlighting, and all USB Type C connectors. One of the most requested feature on the V1 was to be able to use the Hot Dox halves independently, and this is now possible on the V2. Choose between the Dark and Light themes, with or without keycaps, and which switches, if any, that you would like.

The white keycaps are only available with the Light themed board, and the black keycaps are only available with the Dark themed board.

dark mode

Come to the dark side with the Hot Dox V2 - Dark, a sleek and shadowy edition of the highly-customizable keyboard. The metal plate layers are anodized in a stylish black finish and complemented by black-on-black dye-sub keycaps. Even the hardware screws have been given the all-black treatment, completing the keyboard’s distinctive monochromatic look. With all the same exceptional features and functionality of the original Hot Dox V2, the Dark version is designed for those who want to add a dash of intrigue to their desktop. 

Manual & Flashing File Downloads

hot-swap is the future

Using the included switch puller, you can quickly remove and replace any switches to create your own personalized typing experience. You can try using lighter switches for your pinky fingers, modify your own switches with lube or different springs, and explore the endless configurations to your heart's content.

acrylic and aluminum

The Hot Dox's aluminum switch plate is comfortably sandwiched between layers of transparent acrylic and secured with hex screws, providing a clear view of the inner workings of the keyboard. The abundance of LEDs illuminates the case and provides even more options for customization.

left, right, or left & right

The Hot Dox V2 comes with a highly requested community feature set for an ErgoDox design - the ability for the keyboard halves to be used independently. It can be configured to be used in five ways - left hand only, right hand only, left hand as master with right hand connected to left hand, right hand as master with left hand connected to right hand, and finally both halves being connected as two independent keyboards to the computer.

pbt keycaps

The included keycaps are PBT plastic in DSA profile with crisp, dye-sublimated legends on the alphas in black, leaving the surrounding keycaps blank. PBT is a superior plastic that strongly resists wear, finger grease, shine and yellowing and the wonderful texture is a welcome bonus on any mechanical keyboard. We chose the DSA profile because it is a flat profile, and you can rearrange the alpha keys easily for alternative layouts like Dvorak or Colemak

If you would prefer blank keycaps, you can purchase our compatible black PBT keycaps.

Note: This keyboard includes standard, non-coiled USB cables. For an even more premium look, check out our USB-C to USB-C coiled cable for connecting the two halves of the Hot Dox V2 (Kono Coiled Ergodox Cable)


The Hot Dox V2 is easily configurable with VIA.  VIA allows for four individual custom layers, configured in real-time without any need for flashing software.

Hot Dox V1 firmware is not compatible with the Hot Dox V2. Please follow the manual and download the proper files for proper flashing (available at the top of this page).

switch options

The Hot Dox V2 lets you choose between the two high quality Kailh switches below, or a barebones keyboard so you can install your own switches at a later date. Both of these switch options were selected specifically for this ergonomic keyboard. The Kailh Speed Copper switch has an early activation which helps to limit finger strain and is a medium weight tactile switch. The Kailh BOX Rose switch is the most modern linear switch from Kailh and its lightweight spring is lovely to type on.


  • 76 key split ergonomic layout
  • Hot-swap sockets for easy customization and assembly
  • VIA firmware — customize layouts, layers, and lighting easily
  • Acrylic and aluminum case-plate sandwich for comfort and style
  • Independent halves, each hand can be used as it's own keyboard or gaming pad
  • Optional PBT DSA keycaps
  • Optional switches — 76 total
  • One (1) year manufacturer warranty against production defects
  • Switch and keycap puller included
  • USB cables included (USB-C to USB-A uncoiled cable to connect to your computer and a USB-C to USB-C uncoiled cable for connecting the two halves of the Hot Dox. Optional coiled cable available.)

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