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Kailh Choc V2 Low Profile Switches

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For those low profile enthusiasts wishing to build a slim keyboard, we have the perfect switches for you! This new version of the Kailh Choc V2 Low Profile Switch now features a stem compatible with Cherry MX-mount keycaps, giving you more keycap options than before.

Please note: these have a larger center mounting pin and are compatible with Choc PCB hot-swap sockets onlyThese are not compatible with standard mechanical keyboard PCBs.


  • Kailh Choc V2 Low Profile Red – Linear:
    43 cN Activation force | 1.3mm Pretravel | 3.2mm total travel
  • Kailh Choc V2 Low Profile Brown – Tactile:
    45 cN Activation force | 1.3mm Pretravel | 3.2mm total travel
  • Kailh Choc V2 Low Profile Blue – Clicky:
    43 cN Activation force | 1.3mm Pretravel | 3.2mm total travel


  • V2 Low Profile
  • 10 switches per pack
  • Plate Mount (plate mount with Choc hot-swap sockets only)
  • Hot-swap compatible (Hot-swap with Choc hot-swap PCB sockets only)
  • Compatible with Cherry MX-mount keycap sets
  • Optimised for use with SMD LEDs (RGB or single colour)
  • Over 50 million press lifespan