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KDS Shoko

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Note: This is a Group Buy that launched October 2 and closed December 4. Unfortunately due to low participation, this Group Buy was cancelled and refunded.

KDS Shoko brings a renewed spirit to a favorite colorway. Drawing inspiration from a beloved character, Shoko, a blue-haired student from the popular Japanese arcade rhythm game series Pop'n Music, this revamped version preserves the gentle charm of the original and takes it a step further.

From a utility standpoint, this keycap set delivers in all the right ways. The keycaps sport a Cherry profile—highly praised for its ergonomic shape that makes typing more comfortable and efficient. To further cater to different needs and preferences, this set is an all-in-one kit, offering wide compatibility and ensuring it fits well into various keyboard setups. The kit also includes alternative accent colors, ISO support, and novelties.

As for the specifications, the KDS Shoko Keycap Set is made with PBT, known for its durability and resistance to wear over time. The legends are created using a reverse dye-sublimation process, ensuring they remain clear and vibrant even after prolonged use. With its blend of style, practicality, and high-quality materials, the KDS Shoko Keycap Set is an ice cold upgrade that brings both aesthetics and functionality to your keyboard.