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QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real - Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

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The QuadraClicks RBT (Rabbit) Ergonomic Gaming Mouse promotes increased comfort and performance for all kinds of mouse usage. Its uniquely elevated buttons allow your fingertip pads and arm muscles to work naturally. Reduce strain and fatigue by allowing your fingers to rest comfortably on the mouse buttons — you can even reprogram buttons for greater comfort.

Increased Ergonomics

The RBT Ergonomic Gaming Mouse is designed to reduce strain across the entire hand. Its contours shift required muscle groups away from your fingers and into your arm. Using the more powerful muscles of your forearm reduces the chance of RSI and may help mitigate discomfort for some users.

Pair the RBT with Hako switches to reduce bottom out and you have the low-finger-impact dream team.

Increased Performance

The unique raised buttons allow for purely vertical action that minimizes mouse movement during clicks. The buttons have similar travel, sound, and feel when compared with standard mice; the RBT can easily perform well in any application. It also provides a small air gap for the palm and wrist, which increases airflow to minimize sweat while reducing pressure on sensitive joints.


  • Reduce the chance of RSI with a unique grip and clicking technique
  • Decreased response time with familiar click travel and comfort
  • Comfortable and easy to adapt for all grip types; palm, fingertip, and claw
  • Provides airflow and reduced hand / wrist pressure in prolonged sessions
  • Additional programmable buttons on the side and top
  • Quadraclicks RBT Rebel Real Software for customization of DPI, button assignment, lighting, macros, and more


Mouse Type  Right Handed
Optical Sensor Pixart PWM 3336
Rated DPI 500/1000/2000/4000/6000/10700 DPI. Fully customizable through software.
Polling Rate 250/500/750/1000 Hz
Number of Buttons 6 programmable buttons plus LED On/Off switch
Movement 250 IPS with 50 G acceleration
Connectivity USB Type-A, 1.8 M braided cable
Weight 140 g
Dimensions 114 mm x 64 mm x 44 mm

1-year limited, exchange only

Download RBT Software for Windows

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