SA Popo//Dev Keycap Set


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SA Popo//Dev, designed by Valgrahf, is inspired by Devola and Popola: important twins from the enchanting NieR series. Their light red hair, ancient emerald eyes, and identical outfits contribute to the colorway. The pair are certainly more than they appear to be — it’s easy to miss their shared melancholy.

"Those two have watched the world wither for time immemorial. The cruelness of such a fate is difficult to imagine." — Weiss

"You know, I understand now why we're twins. It's because....because we were born without souls. This world is too lonely for one without a soul. There's too much...emptiness.” — Devola

Fans of NieR and keycap enthusiasts in general are welcome to enjoy this set. Your keyboard might appreciate SA Popo//Dev too. A few good words from our input devices might keep us alive when alien machines take over Earth. It can’t hurt diplomatic relations, at least.

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