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Better Than an Apple Magic Keyboard?!?

Better Than an Apple Magic Keyboard?!?

This is the keyboard Apple should be making.

The X-1 is an ultra-thin high performance mechanical keyboard. Its sleek design comes with a solid aircraft grade aluminum case, state of the art RGB backlighting, and multi-device Bluetooth connection. The Hexgears X-1 is the perfect option for those looking for an upgrade without breaking the bank, with uncompromising performance and style.

Apple Magic Keyboard Hexgears X-1 Mechanical Keyboard




Compatible Operating Systems

Compatible with Mac and iOS*

Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux

Compact Size

Aluminum Construction

Low Profile Keycaps


Wired Connectivity (for Gamers)

Mechanical Keyswitches

Bluetooth Switching Between 4 Devices

RGB Backlighting

Adjustible Feet

Switch Options for Personalized Feel

Ability to Interchange Keycaps

N-Key Rollover

✅ (Wired)

Available in Multiple Colors

Helvetica Font Keycaps


*Native support via USB, hotkey remapping available through third party software in wireless mode.

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