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Kono Store FAQ

Warehouse Status

Orders are shipping at full speed, but the former warehouse did not send our full inventory as expected. We're waiting for them to provide more information; reports with various data were provided. This mostly affects Hexgears products but a few other items are lagging as well. Hexgears is not at fault for the delay.

If you have questions, contact

Cancel an order:

Contact You may incur a 4% cancellation fee (see more info below). Cancellations related to the recent inventory loss at our former warehouse will not incur any fees.

We can usually cancel group buy and pre-order items. If you order a stocked item, we generally can't cancel the order before it begins fulfillment. That is doubly true if you place an order for a stocked item over the weekend.

Every refund incurs a fee from payment processors. That's why Kono charges a cancellation fee in most situations. If we didn't, a price increase on all pre-order and group buy items would be necessary. That would penalize people who stick with the group buy / pre-order until delivery instead of people who cancel, which discourages a core part of our business model.

Alternatively, for those wishing to not incur a cancellation fee, we offer store credit as a refund option.

Address changes:

Changing your default account address does not alter existing orders.

Please update your default account address or create a Kono Store account and enter your current address. Once complete, contact with its first line (ex. 117 Example Ave). One of our representatives will update your order if possible — circumstances may not allow edits.

We usually can't edit orders for in-stock items due to processing speeds at our warehouse.

You can also contact support with your full address directly, but it's best if you enter your own information.

Why is it taking so long to send my group buy or pre-order item?

Please view the weekly update page to stay informed:

Manufacturing is the first step. It can be delayed by communications issues (language barriers), slow factories (bigger customers take over time slots), technical problems (uncommon), and shipping / parts delivery issues (customs clearance can be messy).

Shipping is the second step. Things begin with packing and labeling. From there the goods travel by ocean (1-2 months) or air (a few weeks) to our third party warehouse. Once at the warehouse, check-in begins. Every item must be counted and inventoried (this takes 1-2 weeks depending on how many shipments from other companies arrived beforehand). Poor label printing from factories, when it happens, requires us to apply new labels to every single item. This stage will also be slower during holiday periods.

Fulfillment troubleshooting can occur as a third step. Backend (warehouse and Shopify) issues can cause delays. Your order may not ship because it contains a pre-order or glitched metadata. On rare occasions, metadata errors require manual order audits and edits.

International delivery?

Absolutely! We deliver pretty much everywhere.

We unfortunately do not ship to Brazil, Russia, Barbados, or the Caribbean Netherlands.

Group buys, pre-orders, and stocked items: what are they?

Group Buys (GBs): In group buys, you pre-purchase a unique product with a group so it can be manufactured. This helps to create small-batch and custom items that otherwise wouldn't get made, but delivery can take a long time (estimates will be provided). If the group buy fails to meet minimum order quantity (MOQ — a figure provided by manufacturers), all orders containing the item(s) are cancelled and refunded in full. Kickstarter operates on a similar model.

Pre-Orders: Pre-orders may be priced a bit higher than group buys. When pre-ordering, you are claiming one or more extra items that we're buying from the manufacturer. This helps include people who missed the group buy. Note that delivery can take a long time (estimates will be provided).

Stocked Items: Stocked items usually cost more than GBs and pre-orders. They are at our warehouse and ready to ship. Stocked items depart quickly unless you mix them with pre-orders and group buys.

Where do orders ship from?

Orders ship from a 3rd party warehouse in California. We are located in the USA.

Days until delivery for "Standard" or "Expedited" shipping?

If your order doesn't include pre-order / GB items, it should be prepared for shipment 1 business day after submission. Shipping takes longer during the holidays and major events like the nCov pandemic. It may take a few business days for your order to depart.

Standard: up to 11 business days after pickup from our warehouse in normal conditions.

Expedited: up to 6 business days after pickup from our warehouse. Disabled due to complaints.

International shipments have different timelines, which can range up to 2 months when global shipping is stressed.

Days until delivery for my international "Standard" shipment to arrive?

If your order doesn't include pre-order / GB items, it should be prepared for shipment 1 business day after submission. This may take longer during the holidays.

Our normal estimate is 1-3 weeks. During significant holidays / global events, delivery may take up to 2 months.

If our warehouse sends your package with USPS, you can usually track it in your national postal system with the same number. This is recommended during final delivery.

Please check for notifications and holds from your country's customs on a regular basis. Kono does not cover any customs charges or taxes. If a shipment is returned to sender by customs, it is the customer's responsibility to arrange a new shipment with us and pay any additional fees required.

Why is my international shipment slow and how should I track it?

Packages must clear customs. Sometimes that can take weeks on its own, especially during major holidays.

USPS shipments can also be tracked in your national postal system during last-mile delivery. This can be helpful if VAT or processing fees are applied, as local post offices can forget to leave payment due notices. A return to sender is the most common result. Shipping costs are non-refundable if that occurs.

Will I pay taxes or duties for international imports?

Yes. We comply with int'l law by marking packages at full value. We will not artificially reduce values for customs.

Our shipping quotes do not include VAT or processing fees. You are considered an individual importer for tax purposes.

Can you reduce my order value for customs and tax purposes?

No. We comply with int'l law by marking packages at full value. We will not artificially reduce values for customs.

Our shipping quotes do not include VAT or processing fees. You are considered an individual importer for tax purposes.

What keyboard switches should I purchase?

Switches are mostly personal preference. We can make some recommendations, but use case is important.

Learn the basics and form an opinion using this article:

What is a hotswap keyboard?

Hotswap keyboards allow easy switch changes without soldering.

Learn more here:

I have a problem or question that isn't listed here.


Support hasn't replied in a long time; what's up?

We have a small team and are experiencing high traffic in support, so there is a 2-6 day time to reply.

Please avoid follow-ups without new information, as they can cause longer wait times. If we don't see your emails you can create a support account and message us.