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Weekly Production Status Update

Last Updated: May 12

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Dates are only estimations due to fluctuating manufacturing and transit times.

Freight lead times have doubled due to the pandemic, some estimates may be delayed due to extended port times.

GMK Keycaps

GMK is currently quite behind their production estimates. Each project will likely finish production around a month apart.

Due to the production delays, we are listing these in production order without firm estimates. The order of the next sets:

In Transit

  • Posh (In Transit, late Q2)
  • Nines (In Transit, late Q2)
  • Rainy Day (In Transit, Q3)


  • Retrocast
  • Hanami Dango
  • Pride
  • Amethyst
  • Alpine
  • Storm
  • Gateway
  • Star
  • Sunset Surfing
  • Yeeti
  • Fox
  • Haku
  • Shadow
  • Boho
  • Momo Yume
  • Firefly R2
  • Camping R3
  • Manta (Q2 2023)

ePBT Keycaps

KBDfans communicates directly with the manufacturer and has more granular updates for ePBT sets.

EPBT Acadia

Estimated production completion Q4 2022/ Q1 2023.

EPBT Acid House/Sweet Girl

Last update was that it was close to finishing production in March, and likely will complete production and ship soon.

EPBT Axolotls

Estimated production completion is approximately June 2022.

EPBT Less But Better

Production is completing soon. Late Q2 2022 arrival and shipping to customers.

EPBT Ramenstop

Molds are still being inspected for this set as they had some issues. These are a bit delayed and now are looking more like Q2-Q3 2022.


The sample was confirmed and is ready for produciton. Estimated production completion Q3 2022.

Kono Keycaps

KDS Transmutation

Order has been placed and production has started. Estimated production completion early Q3, arrival mid Q3.

Various Keycaps

JTK Avocado

These are currently in production but had some delays due to triple shot molds. Estimated Q2 2022 production completion.

JTK Winner

Currently in production, with completion Q2 2022.

KAT Cat's Eye

This is now in production, estimated end of Q2 completion.

KAT Cyberspace

These arrived and are shipping now!

Keycap extras will go live after Group Buy and Pre-orders are shipped.


This set is in production, estimated completion end of Q2.

MG Salmon

These arrived at our warehouse and are checking in now. Shipping soon!

SA Espresso

Estimated production completion from Signature Plastics is Q4 2022.

SP SA Silent Assassin

SP estimates early Q3 2022 for production completion.

SP SA Spectra

Order was placed with SP mid-July. Estimated production completion from Signature Plastics is early Q4 2022.

SP SA Bubble R2

Estimated production completion from Signature Plastics is Late Q1 2023.


Gizmo Engineering GK6

Order has been placed. Estimated production completion is Q3 2022.

Infinity Ergodox

Due to delays, anyone who pre-ordered an Infinity Ergodox can contact and request a Hot Dox V2 in exchange.

We are currently trying to figure out how to salvage this product from the previous manufactuer that has sinced ghosted us.

Goplar Tai-Chi GG86 & Azure Dragon Switches

Production completed and will begin transit soon. Estimated arrival early Q3.

Hot Dox V2

Production sample has been inspected and production has been greenlit. Expected shipping to customers late Q2.

Keystone Mechanical Keyboard

Check out our most recent Kickstarter Development Update on Kickstarter!

Email with any questions or concerns.

Kindlestar Orion 87

Completing production this month and then will begin transit. Estimated arrival late Q2, early Q3.

Kira Stealth / Upgrade Cases / Keycaps

This project will be handled after the Infinity Ergodox is produced. Please reach out to if you'd like to adjust your order or if you have any questions or concerns.

MelGeek Mojo68 & Pad

These have arrived at our warehouse and are checking in now. Shipping soon!

MojoPad Neon will be arriving slightly later, as it completed production and began transit after, late Q2.

Qeeke Studio KR-081

These will be completing production soon and will begin transit. Estimated late Q2, early Q3 arrival.


The PCB needed to be re-manufacturered and ran into micro controller shortages as well. Production completion was pushed to late Q2 2022.

Other Products


This next batch is getting samples for quality approval and estimated to arrive Q2 2022: KAT Cat's Eye, KAT LALA, SA Espresso, GMK Star, GMK Hinokoku, GMK Retrotrip, ePBT Axolotls, GMK Fox, GMK Yeeti, GMK Sunset Surfing, GMK Storm.

Keyfirst Bling Switches

These are in stock and shipping now!

Kono Sunrise & Sunset Switches, Midnight Switch Restock

All three Kono switches are in stock and shipping now!

Magic Subway Deskmats

Production samples are being approved. Estimated arrival Q2 2022.

Marble Deskmats

Production samples have been approved. Estimated arrival Q2 2022.

Ramen Deskmats

Production samples have been approved. Estimated arrival Q2 2022.

Retrotrip Deskmats

Samples were approved and are in production. Estimated completion Q2 2022.

THOK King of Bling Spacebars

Order has been placed and estimated production completion is Q2 2022.

THOK Stachio Bois 2021

Estimated production was late Q1 2022. We've reached out for an update, these should be completing production soon.

VE+C11 Monitor & Macropad, Novelty Keycaps

These have arrived at our warehouse and are checking in now. Shipping soon!