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Weekly Status Update (Jan. 16)

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Updates will be difficult to obtain for the next few weeks due to the Chinese New Year.

It's China's "big holiday" so things grind to a halt.

GMK Merlin

GMK Merlin will begin production soon. Expected shipping date from GMK is mid-late February.

GMK Nines

Round 2 pre-orders are live! An order has been placed and GMK estimates completion around April/May based on current timelines.

Heavy Shell Barix

Barix are preparing for shipment and we have a few more details to confirm with the factory before shipping fully begins. These will hopefully begin transit very soon.

Hexgears Gemini Dawn / Dusk

Production has completed and we have scheduled these for shipment. They will be departing for our distribution center soon! A firmer timeline will be available once we get a tracking code.

Pre-orders live on the product pages!

Hexgears Venture

Ventures are on the way to us! Estimated arrival is now early February depending on customs and other variable transit times. Shipping will likely begin in mid-late February.

Hexgears X-1

X-1 have shipped to us! These will likely be shipping out in February after customs and check-in.

Infinity Ergodox

The manufacturer sent a prototype that has been approved. We have a few adjustments to make based on the prototype, but they are purely manufacturing related and not design related. Estimated manufacturing completion is around 2 months.

KAM Starry Night

Production has completed and is preparing for shipment to us. We are expecting transit to begin on Friday.

Keystone Mechanical Keyboard

We posted an update to Kickstarter, check it out here!

Email with any questions or concerns.

Kira Stealth / Upgrade Cases / Keycaps

We were expecting an update after the CNC completion on the 10th but have not received one yet. These are very close to completion, but the factory has not provided us any new information. We have requested an update from them.

Kono Deskmats

Our first batch of deskmats are arriving early February and will be shipping out soon after! This first batch contains: Yugo, Ursa - Vista / Buzz / Pollen, Umbra, and High Voltage.

New Kira Frames

These have completed production, we are waiting on their shipping and tracking code.

SA Arcane

These showed up not labeled from the manufacturer. We needed to request labeling at our distribution center before they could go out. They are fulfilling, but will take a little extra time to get to everyone as they need to be individually labeled.

SA Granite

We are currently waiting on a sample from the manufacturer which will be sent this week. We will have another update once these arrive and are inspected

If you need to make any changes to your order, please contact

SA Symbiosis

Symbiosis shipment is complete. Limited extras are available now! We also recorded and submitted the first replacement keycap request. The keycaps are en route to support now.

Contact with any questions or concerns.

Skog Lite

Skog Lites have all shipped out and fulfilled! Please email with any questions or concerns.