Weekly Status Update (09/12)

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GMK Lime

We sent an update request email directly to GMK. More info will be available when we hear back.

GMK Merlin

MOQ for Base and Wizardry have been met! We are currently working on placing the purchase order with GMK. Pre-orders will open for extra stock once it is placed. Orthos/40s will likely need to be canceled due to low sales. Orders will be edited/canceled and refunded within the next few days. Please email support@kono.store with any questions or concerns.

GMK Nines

GMK Nines production is nearing completion!

Heavy Shell Barix

Barix production is nearing completion and should be arriving within the next month or so.

Hexgears Gemini Dawn / Dusk

We have requested an update from the manufacturer but haven't heard back current status yet.

Hexgears X-1

The Hexgears X-1 will be receiving a battery and firmware upgrade for this newest batch! They have completed production and were supposed to ship but haven't yet. We have requested an update from the manufacturer.

Hexgears Venture

Redemption codes have been sent to all crowdfunding backers! Production is gearing up!

Infinity Ergodox

The screens have arrived safely at the manufacturer. Testing was completed and production will now continue.

JTK Arctic & Classic Cyrillic

JTK Arctic has arrived and is checking in! They will ship out shortly. Our distribution center is taking longer than expected to complete processing. JTK Classic Cyrillic Triple Shot should arrive and check in within the next few weeks.

Kira Stealth / Upgrade Cases / Keycaps

Kira Stealth entered production! We are still working with some overseas vendors as proxies, but things are finally moving forward.

Maxkey Berserk 2.0

MOQ was met and production has begun!

New Kira Frames

We have seen production samples and they look fantastic. Packaging for these has been arranged and they are proceeding forward.

SA Arcane

SP invoiced us and the set is a go! ISO and Spacebars & -Keys Kits and have been canceled as they did not reach MOQ. Contact support@kono.store with any questions or concerns.

SA Bubble

The purchase order was placed by zFrontier. We requested an update on production status.

SA Granite

The set is estimated to complete in December 2019.

SA Symbiosis

The designer has been having some back and forth with Signature Plastics to ensure each detail of this set. Production slot is still locked in. There may be some delays based on the requests the designer is making to adjust legend sizes. They are going ahead with production on the un-modified legends.

Skog Lite

We are speaking with the manufacturer of the status of this board. It has been produced, but there are some finishing touches required. A September shipment to our warehouse may be possible.

WhiteFox/ NightFox Kits

WhiteFox / NightFox PCBs arrived as expected, but other items that were on our purchase order did not. Stabilizers, keycaps, and other important parts were not shipped to us. The factory is now shipping the remaining parts and they should arrive within the next few weeks. Apologies for the additional wait.