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GMK Star

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$19.99 - $169.99
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Note: This was a group buy. It launched February 23rd and closed March 31st. Please check the Weekly Updates page for status of production. Pre-orders for extra stock live now!

Prepare for bumbling ocean adventures with GMK Star. This nostalgic set is packed with nautical nonsense. Even if you live under a rock, or believe in musical condiments, you’ll appreciate its vibrant reef-inspired design. Novelty caps and an immersive deskmat round out your experience under the sea — net them before they’re gone!

  • Designed by Paputcher
  • Produced by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic, Cherry Profile
  • Deskmats: stitched edge, 900x400 mm, 3mm thick
  • Geekhack Thread