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Kailh Silent Switches

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Kailh Silent switches offer gentle bottom-out and quiet operation due to an internal shock absorbing system, which reduces keystroke impacts.

silent box switches, but round

New stems and tooling turned the BOX switch series round; Kailh's BOX naming scheme refers to the internal contact assembly and not stem shape. These agile switches are great for people who need low noise without sacrifices in tactility or responsiveness. Kailh also made efforts to adjust general switch feel.


box silent impressions

Since Silent Rose and Brown switches haven't been measured by a third party, we'll include some subjective impressions. The linear version feels incredibly "close to its spring" (like a car is close to the road), light, and reasonably smooth. The tactile version is unusually tactile for a mass-market model (like a less aggressive Royal Purple switch). Both offer a quality user experience, but bottom out is virtually guaranteed.
Travel distance feels like it has been reduced to accommodate dampeners. Both variants handle friction from off-center presses in a lightly factory lubed vintage-feeling way. They share a super cushy keypress bottom out as well.
These switches will be available in BOX and standard stem formats with linear and tactile variants, shown below.


  • Surface-mount LED compatible
  • MX-stem keycap compatible
  • Hot-swap compatible (plate mount)
  • 10 switches per bag


  • Kailh Silent BOX Rose [BOX Silent Pink] (Linear) - 3.6mm travel, 35g Actuation / 45g Bottom Out
  • Kailh Silent BOX Brown [BOX Silent Brown] (Tactile) - 3.6mm travel, 45g Actuation / 65g Tactile Point / ~62g Bottom Out

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