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Keyfirst Bling Switches

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Style: Yellow

Keyfirst Bling Switches maintain an excellent feel with high quality materials. Expect smooth actuation and travel, due to it's high accuracy molds and tight consistencies. Available in numerous spring weights to match your preferences, these linear switches are the perfect companion to your favorite board!


  • Keyfirst Bling Yellow – Linear:
    30g Activation force | 2mm Pretravel | 3.8mm total travel
  • Keyfirst Bling Pink – Linear:
    45g Activation force | 2mm Pretravel | 3.8mm total travel
  • Keyfirst Bling Purple – Linear:
    62g Activation force | 2mm Pretravel | 3.8mm total travel
  • Keyfirst Bling Blue – Linear:
    67g Activation force | 2mm Pretravel | 3.8mm total travel
  • Keyfirst Bling Green – Linear:
    80g Activation force | 2mm Pretravel | 3.8mm total travel


  • 10 switches per pack
  • 5-pin PCB mount
  • Compatible with Cherry MX-mount keycap sets
  • Optimized for use with SMD LEDs 
  • Pre-lubed from factory
  • Molds made from Japanese Elmax Steel which creates high accuracy, low wobble and a smooth surface
  • Material: Housing - Polycarbonate; Stem - POM
  • Spring: Gold plated two-part spring made by KOS of Korea
  • Rated for 60 million keypresses

force curve graphs:

Bling Yellow

Bling Pink

Bling Purple

Bling Blue

Bling Green