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Kono Keyboard Tool Kit

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We've curated all the tools you need for cleaning, pulling, lubing, greasing, modding, detailing, and more! Get this all-in-one package for everything you need to DIY!

Use the multi-tipped dusting brush for cleaning across your board and the fine tipped brushes for accurately applying lube & grease to your switches & stabs! Hold all your switches in place with the Switch Test Plate, and mod them easily with the included Metal Tweezers and Stem Holder. Includes a drawstring Kono bag to keep it all organized together!

Items Included:

  • Drawstring Kono Fox Bag 
  • Keycap Puller 
  • Switch Puller 
  • Brush - 2 in 1 
  • Brush - Pen Style
  • Brush - Small size 
  • Brush - Medium size
  • Metal Tweezer - Straight Nose 
  • Metal Tweezer - Curved Nose 
  • Stem/small parts holder 
  • Switch Test Plate

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