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Kono Midnight Stabilizers

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Experience stability like never before in the custom Kono Midnight colorway! Designed to provide the perfect balance between sound, stability, and precision. Enjoy the smooth, consistent performance with every press. These buttery smooth stabs were engineered with the enthusiast in mind, with a luxuriant action that will keep you typing all night long. 

Pair with the Kono Midnight Switches!


  • [7x] - 2u (2.25u, 2.5u, and 2.75u) stabilizers
  • [1x] - 6.25u stabilizer wire
  • [1x] - 7u stabilizer wire
  • Stabilizer hardware


  • Screw-in mounting (Compatible as a clip-on for plate-mount boards.)
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Gold-plated steel stabilizer wire
  • Custom Kono Midnight colorway
  • Made by Kono

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