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PBTfans Basin

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Add PBTfans Basin deskmats to compliment your keycap set!

Enjoy the natural beauty of the deep sea from the comfort of your desk, The PBTfans Basin Keycap Set was designed to mimic the subtle gradation of color as you descend from the bright cerulean waves to the black ocean floor. This gorgeous effect is achieved with an array of nine Pantone and GMK colors.

The keycap set was designed by Asyng Designs, a team that consists of three people: Aiden, Synthereal, and Nqrwhql. They each spent the last year learning and designing to bring this keycap set to you. 

The base kit comes in two flavors, standard and Adriatic. The standard version features aquamarine highlights, while the Adriatic version features cerulean highlights. Both options include opportunities for expansion with num pads, space bars, thumb clusters, and more.

The keycaps are made of PBT plastic that don't absorb oil or get shiny over time. The lettering is made of doubleshot plastic, rather than paint, to ensure crisp and clean legends with an extremely long lifespan. A classic Cherry profile brings the set together, creating a highly comfortable set for gaming, writing and programming.


  • Designed by: Asynq Designs
  • Material: PBT material
  • Profile: Cherry profile
  • Production Method: Doubleshot
  • Manufacture: PBTfans
  • Compatibility: standard Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones


PBTfans Basin deskmats available!