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Sakura Artisan by Mochi Keycaps

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Note: This is a Group Buy. It launched Sept 28th and closes Oct 29th. Estimated delivery to customers is late Q4 2021.

These handmade artisan keycaps organically create unique patterns in each cap, inspired by the falling petals of a blooming sakura tree!

Experience luxury artisans made with the utmost care and precision by Mochi Keycaps herself! Brighten up your favorite board with a beautiful floral accent, crafted from a fantastic translucent resin material to especially enhance back-lighting. These elegant novelties are the perfect gift for any keyboard or cherry blossom lover, and will fit well into any setup with its subtle white and gold accents!


  • Handmade and Designed by Mochi Keycaps
  • Cherry Profile R1
  • Uniquely crafted floral design for each individual keycap
  • Shine-through Polymer Resin Material

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