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Halo True Mechanical Keyboard Switches (10 Count)

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Note: This only includes 10 switches. Better pricing will be available in the future.

Halo True mechanical keyboard switches, which are heavier than Halo Clears, blend Topre and Cherry MX Clear force curves. Invented by Input Club and Jacob Alexander, Halo Trues use a custom spring to increase tactile feel and provide a strong bottom out-resistant force increase at the end of keystrokes.

After their debut in the K-Type, Halo switches gained fame in the community for their performance and press-feel. Their stems also became the basis for modified switches like the Holy Panda. Kono Store is proud to offer Halo switches — we look forward to hosting future revisions and mod-variations on this site (along with lower prices).

Learn more about Halo True switches on Input Club's Comparative Guide.


  • 10 switches per pack (10 total in an order)
  • Heavy weight: 60 gram tactile point, 95 gram spring
  • Notable tactility
  • Hot-swap compatible (plate mount)
  • SMD LED Compatible