Infinity DSA Keycap Set for ErgoDox

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The DSA Infinity keycap set commemorates humankind's first visit to extraterrestrial soil — the Apollo 11 moon landing. Conceived by Jacob Rus, a community member known for excellent resources like this profile guide, DSA Infinity legends draw inspiration from the plaque bearing Neil Armstrong's signature (along with the rest of the crew).

Note: This was a group buy. It closed on February 28, 2019. It did not reach MOQ.

Astronauts noted that Earth appeared small and remarkably beautiful among the starscape. DSA Infinity's designer used photos of Earth — like The Blue Marble — to create a colorway. Calming blues, crisp landmasses, and fluffy white clouds turn your keyboard into a spaceship viewport.

This keycap set is available for a limited time in the ErgoDox layout. Other variants may be available in the future.


  • Dye sublimated PBT in DSA profile
  • Includes keys shown below:

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