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EV-00 Linear Switches

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The EV line of switches return with a collaboration between Bespokekeys, ThicThock, and JWK. The EV-00 switches are a smooth medium-heavy linear with a custom designed progressive spring. With a POM stem, nylon housing, and the highest quality molds, these switches are made of friction-reducing materials to allow for a clean actuation, no matter your typing angle.

These switches are perfect for deliberate users looking for a smooth press that won't accidentally actuate in the most intense of typing or gaming sessions. The progressive spring means you are de-incentivized from bottoming out during quick presses, unlike lighter linear switches which tend to regularly bottom-out. This can help reduce finger fatigue and overall keyboard noisiness.

switch details

  • 10 Switches / Pack
  • Custom 68g Progressive Spring
  • Linear switch
  • Stem: POM
  • Housing: Nylon
  • PCB mount / 5 pin
  • Polished internals, latest molds, unlubed from factory
  • Produced by Durock / JWK 
  • Designed by bespoke.keys

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