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KAT Oasis

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KAT Oasis captures the mysterious essence of desert existence and places it squarely beneath your fingertips on miniature dunes.

alluring desolation

Deserts are multifaceted gems. They are pressure incarnate; oppressive heat and bitter cold cut unprepared travelers like diamond shards. Clear skies and beautiful colors also punctuate their harsh experience. Eventually, as time and necessity encourage exploration, people master that arid beauty.

Cultures that develop among the sands rely on will, imagination, and closely held skill to survive. That combination is mysterious and magical, encouraging spectacular tales to form amidst dreamlike drifts. Once those legends escape, they spread to captivate audiences around the world.

the oasis

Oases define desert existence. They shape trade routes, politics, and folklore in a way that the West will never truly grasp. Most importantly, they provide resources and respite for life — even some agriculture.

Hidden oases and constructs are a storytelling staple. Even butchered translations, like those found in Arabian Nights, are devoured by readers around the world. KAT Oasis respectfully adapts that concept to a modern digital interface — your keyboard.

Deskmat found here

Kono deskmats are also available in this group buy. They feature an understated design inspired by desert artworks. Unlike sand, our deskmats provide a non-abrasive surface for your desktop accessories. 

expansive coverage

Extensive kit options accommodate vast numbers of keyboard layouts. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is low to ensure that more kits are produced. This allows for rarities like Arabic legends, blanks, and additional color options.

keebwerk. nano. oasis.

The nano. slider series runs on Open Source QMK firmware, enabling fine control in a tremendous array of applications. Digital artists, engineers, and even musicians (via MIDI) can use the nano. to improve workflow. This unique version will be customized to match Oasis. Visit keebwerk's product page to learn more!

nano. details

  • Full Aluminium Build, Ltd. Edition Bottom Plate
  • KAT Oasis nano. bonus keycap (1) included
  • Other KAT Oasis keycaps must be ordered separately
  • Kailh Hot-Swap PCB
  • Switches included, manufacturer and model TBD
  • Bourns Potentiometer
  • Designed and Built in Germany
  • RGB Underglow (will not show with ltd. edition plate)
  • Per-switch LED compatible (3mm or 2x3x4mm depending on switch)

keyset details

  • KAT Profile
  • Designed by JSaintS
  • PBT Dyesub Plastic
  • Produced by Keyreative
  • Keyreative order quantity is based on total units across all kits rather than minimum quantities per kit. This means lighter selling kits are still guaranteed to be manufactured if the set is successful as a whole.
  • Geekhack Thread

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