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Ramen Deskmats

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Note: This was a Group Buy that launched November 2nd and closed December 3rd. Please check the Weekly Updates page for current status of production. Pre-orders for extra stock live now!

Like a warm broth on a cool winter day, these Ramen Deskmats will fill the soul with fantastic artwork! Savor the ritual of a perfect bowl of ramen, with 8 delicious dishes hand-illustrated with impeccable detail. Choose your favorite background color to accent your setup, and get lost in the endless ingredients and flavors of this tribute to the delicious ramen noodle!

  • Designed by Tana - Kyoto Keyboard
  • 900 mm x 400 mm (~3 ft. x ~ 1.3 ft)
  • 3 mm (1/10") Thickness
  • Long-lasting, fade resistant printing
  • Non-slip rubberised bottom
  • Mousepad quality texturing and sensor accuracy
  • Durable edge stitching