2020 Commando Keycap Set

Group Buy

Enjoy custom military-themed legends, exclusive to the Commando Keycap Project!

In 2013, the 23 Commando keyset laid the foundation for the Commando Project. Since then, countless specialized legends were designed with one goal in mind: the creation of a unique military-themed keyset. The project marched on, fueled by ceaseless materiel, until now. This militaria dream set is coming in hot.

Note: This is a Group Buy. It launched June 1st and will end July 01, 2019. Estimated fulfillment will be Q1 2020.

The 2020 Commando keycap set is the next step in the Commando Project. With custom camouflage-inspired colors, more than 40 new legends, and several expanded kits for multiple layouts, the 2020 Commando keycap showcases ultimate military might. It even offers spectacular text modifiers, with icon mods on the way in a future production run.

Are you ready to enlist?


  • Custom military-themed legends
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics in the USA
  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • SA Profile
  • Designed by Sơn Lê a.k.a JiL (jil_jil32)
  • Estimated fulfillment Q1 2020

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