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ePBT Warrior MK Ⅲ Keycap Set by ALOHAKB

Original price $24.99 - Original price $124.99
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$24.99 - $124.99
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Note: This was a Group Buy that launched December 6 and closed January 6. Estimated production completion and delivery to customers is Q1 2023. Artisans are estimated to compete slightly later, around April 2023. Pre-orders for extra stock live now!

Fearlessly advance through enemy territory with the ePBT Warrior MK III Keycap set. From its armored artisan keycap to its dye-sub legends, this set is built like a tank. The colorway, composed of hunter green, gunmetal gray, and sunlight yellow, gives it the look of a mecha warrior infiltrating an enemy forest. 

The base set includes 134 keys that accommodate compact, ISO, ANSI, UK keyboards, and more. Expand the basic loadout with a numpad, novelties, additional space bars, and alternative numerical keys, or add the three-piece "armored" artisan keycap to fully trick out your set. The novelty set features a fictional militaristic symbol system, complete with technical information of row designation and key size.

True to its theme, the keycaps are made of ultra-strong PBT plastic, which is durable, long lasting, and wear-resistant. The legends are inscribed in a process called dye sublimation that makes them extremely resilient to wear. The set adopts the classic Cherry profile, a tried and true sculpt that will keep your fingers comfortable no matter how long you stay in the fight. 


  • Designed by BA54
  • Produced by ePBT
  • Brand: ALOHAKB
  • Material: PBT
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Production Method: Dye-sublimation
  • Deskmat: 900x400mm, 4mm thick with stitched edges
  • Artisan material: Aluminum
  • Artisan production method: CNC machined, anodized finish