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GMK Monochrome Keycap Set

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Sometimes the universe is better in black and white. Tuxedos, villainous galactic empires, and astounding photographic techniques agree that it’s a top-tier stylistic choice. GMK Monochrome brings that rich contrast to your keyboard — moral considerations aside.

Retrocomputing enthusiasts and modern collectors will find Monochrome endearing. Its white-on-black modifiers and timeless alphas hearken back to countless classic colorways, but with a modern twist. GMK’s new WS2 plastic provides a cooler, brighter white than anything they’ve offered before.

RAMA also teamed up with the designers to create some amazing aluminum novelties. Two variants of their X and O caps are available. The Dark Night has a uniform shadowy finish. The Starry Night rocks a laser-flecked finish. Add sophistication to your set with one or both of those precision-engineered options.

We’re not going to equivocate or dissemble; there’s no grey area here. This is a chance to get universally attractive keycaps. Join the GB before it’s too late, and together, we can rule the MOQs as parent set and child kit.

A remarkable team of designers worked to make this set a reality. You can check out their Geekhack topic for more information.

Base Kit

Extras / Compatibility

Dark Night X

Starry Night X