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GMK Spirit Keycap Set

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Note: This Group Buy launched on Feb 10th and closed March 16th. Please check the Weekly Updates page for details on production. 

Designed by Krash - GMK Spirit Deskmats available here!

The Army may be mean and green, but militaria doesn't need to be. GMK Spirit commemorates grit and valor with universal military symbols. Subtly support the troops with this classic black and yellow colorway.


Military collectibles are called militaria. Most collectors have a hard time sharing their collection — bringing gear out in public, worn or loose, is a faux pas in most cultures. Collectible surplus also lacks color variety, which worsens the problem. With that in mind, GMK Spirit combines less common military colorways to create a work-appropriate keycap set.

coverage and novelties

GMK Spirit's base kit is optimized to fit TKLs, including some nonstandard layouts. Its novelty and numpad kits provide additional coverage options.


  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Cherry Profile
  • Produced by GMK
  • GMK Colors: CR (black), P3 (red), WS1 (white), SP YG color-matched (gold)
  • Designed by Kingnestea
  • Deskmat designed by Krash