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KAT Cyberspace

Group buy
Note: This is a Group Buy. It launched August 3rd and closed September 4th. Estimated production completion is end of Q1 2021, with about another month of transit before shipping to customers. The order will be placed with Keyreative soon and pre-orders for extra stock will go up soon after.

Cyberpunk is defined by contrast. Eerie green screen phosphors and blooms of purple-fringed neon haze offer respite in the leather-black shadows of substandard skyscrapers. KAT Cyberspace brings digital dystopia to your desk with glow-in-the-dark keycaps, punchy accent colors, and tons of kits / language options (you won’t have any difficult pills to swallow). To round out the set, rich violet-metal artisan caps by Salvun and BOX60 DIY keyboard cases are available.

Deskmats Available Here (Kono Exclusive Runner Tile Deskmat!)
  • Glow-in-the-dark legend options (Green Phosphor)
  • PBT plastic
  • KAT Profile by Keyreative
  • Sublegend options: Cyrillic, Hiragana, Katakana, and Hangul
  • Metal Artisan by Salvun
  • Designed by Papithered
  • Geekhack Thread

Cyberpunk BOX60 Keyboard Case and Stand

  • Compatible with GH60, GK61 and GK64 PCBs
  • Includes Keyboard Case, and Stand.
  • Plate, PCB, Switches and Keycaps have to be bought separately
  • Injection molded translucent atomic-purple ABS
  • Wireless battery compartment for Bluetooth compatibility
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • Free Sticker sheet with every order
  • Designed by Ulliam and, produced by JTK
  • Build guide here: