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SA Symbiosis 2.0 Keycap Set

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SA Symbiosis 2.0 is inspired by the famous Space Cadet keyboard, a massive and complex Hall Effect input device used with innovative LISP-based machines.

reviving symbolics' aesthetic

The original Symbolics keyboards were engineering masterpieces. Making similar designs available is a long term goal for Input Club's engineering team. You can join the waitlist for our Space Cadet-inspired Input Club Symbolic Keyboard to support the project.

keycap set history

LISP was the first programming language to treat code as data (word of the day: homoiconicity). That paradigm shift allowed for boundless creativity in applications and data structures. The Space Cadet's tumultuous development alongside LISP, and its ultimate rarity, mark the language's unique impact on computing history.

Geekhack's xblackdog designed the first round of SA Symbiosis, which used uniform R3 profile, in 2015. With his permission, hhkbp2 is raising the bar.

SA Symbiosis 2.0 provides an updated experience with full sculpting and improved legends / sublegends (which more accurately reflect the Space Cadet keyboard). It's also available with uniform R3 in the CADR keyset. New novelties, a Vim pack (because not everyone uses Emacs), Ergodox keys, and other options round out the expanded selection.

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  • Vendor: Signature Plastics
  • Printing / Material: Doubleshot ABS

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