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Seaside Keycaps by LeleLabs

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Note: This is a Group Buy that launched September 14 and closed October 17. Estimated production completion is Q4 2022. Preorders for extra stock live now!

Inspired by 1980s South Beach, the Seaside Keycap Set inhabits a world of neon lights, palm trees, and a permanently setting sun. Shades of seafoam green, sunset pink, and golden sand comprise the legends. Decorate your keyboard with a collection of novelties, including clinking wine glasses, a deserted island, and a spacebar-wide beach scene. Beach lovers, this is your happy place. 

These shine-through keycaps allow the RGB lighting of your keyboard to brighten your entire board, offering better illumination and spectacular color effects. The set offers a variety of keys for many different keyboard layouts like ANSI, ISO UK, full-size, TKL, 60%, and more. 

Each key is made of durable and resistant ABS plastic that’s rated to withstand millions of keystrokes. The set is molded with a sculpted Cherry Profile, the tried and true community favorite allowing you to type and game comfortably for extended sessions.

board support

  • Full size, TKL, 80%, 60%, 65%, 75%, 96%, 980
  • Alice
  • Split space support


  • Manufacturer: LeleLab
  • Material: ABS
  • Translucent shine-through keycaps 
  • Cherry profile
  • UV thermal legends

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