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Keystone Analog Mechanical Keyboard

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Original price $169.99
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Note: This is a Pre-order for the 1st Keystone batch. View the production updates page to stay informed. Beam Spring switches will ship later after keyboard production completes.

Keystone exclusive SILO Beam Spring Switches are also available for purchase!
SILO Beam Spring Switches

the future of mechanical keyboards

The Input Club Keystone Mechanical Keyboard is an unparalleled leap forward in typing and gaming technology. The Keystone combines two new keyboard features — High Definition Analog Control and per-key fast Hall Effect (magnetic) sensing — for supreme performance. Our magnetic switch technology enables near-infinite customization, billion-press durability (20x the industry standard), and analog control benefits for everyone. Full firmware programmability and RGB lighting round out its features.

analog input and typing ai

Keystone uses magnetic sensing to provide two important features: analog stick-like input for each key and an activation point that adjusts to your hands as you type. If you press a key all the way down, or just halfway, the keyboard will learn and adapt to your style over time (keyboards ship with this disabled). Analog control in games and software will also be possible.

This also allows advanced macros, functions, and manual activation point adjustments. Pressing and holding a key down could create a capital letter or begin a macro. Analog sensing should allow 2-3 functions or more per switch, not including any resulting steps from macros.

learn more about magnetic silo switches

Read Jacob Alexander's article explaining analog Silo Beam spring switches for more history and technical details!

Input Club and Kailh engineers reinvigorated Hall Effect keyboard switches, an ultra-durable and super smooth switch tech developed in the 1960s, for the Keystone mechanical keyboard. Hall Effect sensors were prohibitively expensive in the past, so they were only used in mission-critical keyboards and devices.

Today, Hall Effect sensors are widely available. They’re used in everything from electric motors to laptop lids — new manufacturing techniques made them affordable. Sensitivity improvements and modern programming knowledge allowed our teams to innovate with Hall Effect; we’re bringing magnetic switches back the right way.

Input Club Silo Switch Advantages

  • Can function for billions of presses vs. millions
  • Extra-smooth feel vs. scratchy contact based switches
  • Programmable analog activation points (200+ levels)
  • Native analog sensing vs. non-native solutions with poor granularity
  • Easy socketless hotswap vs. hotswap sockets and finicky metal pins

project status

Codes were sent to backers. Various prototypes were completed and evaluated. Please view the Kickstarter updates for more details.

features and details

  • Full-Size or Tenkeyless physical layout, ANSI-US only
  • SILO Tactile or SILO Linear switches
  • Includes ABS keycap set (PBT version available separately)
  • Per-key HD Analog Control — fine movement in games and apps
  • Adaptive Typing AI — modifies activation point based on your hands
  • Per-key custom RGB lighting and animations
  • Configurable switch activation point for comfort and performance
  • Hotswap switches without troublesome metal legs or sockets
  • Custom key assignments, macros, and more via firmware
  • Dual RGB indicator LEDs (Caps Lock / Num Lock)
  • Elevation angle adjustment (5, 10, and 15 degrees)

technical specifications

  • 1000 Hz USB polling and NKRO
  • Programmable Open Source Firmware
  • Magnetic (Hall Effect) sensing, billion-press switch technology


  • Prototype dimensions (full-size): 460mm L x 144mm W x 38mm H
  • Prototype weight (full-size): 1500g

optional features

  • Doubleshot PBT shine-through keycaps in Cherry profile
  • SILO Beam spring clicky switches (delivered later)


silo switch prototype force curves

SILO Command (Tactile):

Input Club SILO Command PROTOTYPE

SILO Control (Linear):

Input Club SILO Control PROTOTYPE

SILO Beam (Clicky):

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