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Barix RGB Settings & Shortcuts

Note: These instructions are user-generated; we're still waiting on an official manual from Heavy Shell. Updates will be linked on the product page or posted here.

Fn and...

Home: Cycle RGB Mode

  • full solid (can change color)
  • full random color with single key changes (can change color)
  • random color sporadic twinkle (can change color)
  • full rainbow individual key hue fading
  • breathing (can change color)
  • full keyboard rainbow hue fading
  • radial center --> out animation (can change color)
  • linear gradient up --> down animation (can change color)
  • linear diagonal gradient left --> right animation (can change color)
  • pinwheel animation (can change color)
  • horizontal row laser on button press (can change color)
  • horizontal full keyboard laser on button press (can change color)
  • full keyboard radial wave on button press (can change color)
  • row by row scan animation (can change color)
  • full keyboard centered sine wave animation (can change color)
  • full keyboard diagonal scan animation (can change color)
  • row by row laser bounce animation (can change color)
  • individual key press light fade (can change color)

End: Reverse Animation

Insert: Change Static Color

  • rainbow
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • yellow/green
  • magenta
  • cyan
  • gold
  • white

Delete: Change Animation Pattern

Up / Down Arrows: Change Brightness (lock indicators flash at min-max)
Right / Left Arrows: Change Animation Speed (lock indicators flash at min-max)

8: selection of gaming keys (static: can change color)
9: a different selection of gaming keys (static: can change color)
0: all letters (static: can change color)

-: Custom 1
+: Custom 2

Backspace: Edit Preset (white light will flash in editing mode)

Use to change the color of each individual key; the result can be saved as a preset. Cycle key colors by pressing them. You can activate animated modes, but they will not save in a profile. In this mode, pressing Delete will cycle through color modes making all selected keys one color. Press the preset key again (- or +) to discard changes. Press Backspace again to save changes and lock in your preset.

F11: Toggle Lighting On / Off
F12: Toggle Keyboard Input On / Off

(Keypress animations will still work, so this is useful for trying out lighting settings.)