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Barix RGB Settings & Shortcuts

Note: These instructions are user-generated; we're still waiting on an official manual from Heavy Shell. Updates will be linked on the product page or posted here.

Please press the Right Windows key in conjunction with indicated keys to access the RGB function layer. The keyboard does not offer key remapping or other features.

Right Windows Key And...

Home: Cycle RGB Mode

  • full solid (can change color)
  • full random color with single key changes (can change color)
  • random color sporadic twinkle (can change color)
  • full rainbow individual key hue fading
  • breathing (can change color)
  • full keyboard rainbow hue fading
  • radial center --> out animation (can change color)
  • linear gradient up --> down animation (can change color)
  • linear diagonal gradient left --> right animation (can change color)
  • pinwheel animation (can change color)
  • horizontal row laser on button press (can change color)
  • horizontal full keyboard laser on button press (can change color)
  • full keyboard radial wave on button press (can change color)
  • row by row scan animation (can change color)
  • full keyboard centered sine wave animation (can change color)
  • full keyboard diagonal scan animation (can change color)
  • row by row laser bounce animation (can change color)
  • individual key press light fade (can change color)

End: Reverse Animation

Insert: Change Static Color

  • rainbow
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • yellow/green
  • magenta
  • cyan
  • gold
  • white

Delete: Change Animation Pattern

Up / Down Arrows: Change Brightness (lock indicators flash at min-max)
Right / Left Arrows: Change Animation Speed (lock indicators flash at min-max)

8: selection of gaming keys (static: can change color)
9: a different selection of gaming keys (static: can change color)
0: all letters (static: can change color)

-: Custom 1
+: Custom 2

Backspace: Edit Preset (white light will flash in editing mode)

Use to change the color of each individual key; the result can be saved as a preset. Cycle key colors by pressing them. You can activate animated modes, but they will not save in a profile. In this mode, pressing Delete will cycle through color modes making all selected keys one color. Press the preset key again (- or +) to discard changes. Press Backspace again to save changes and lock in your preset.

F11: Toggle Lighting On / Off
F12: Toggle Keyboard Input On / Off

(Keypress animations will still work, so this is useful for trying out lighting settings.)