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Kono Designer Series

At Kono, we make it easy for designers to put their ideas into production. With reasonable pricing and quicker lead times, we’ll work with you to turn your keycap set design into a real product that anyone can buy right here in our store. For more information contact

About Our Keycaps

PBT Plastic

  • Higher-quality than ABS plastic
  • Textured surface
  • 20+ year lifecycle
  • Won’t absorb oil from fingertips or get shiny

Reverse Dye-Sub

  • Endless color possibilities
  • Resilient
  • High contrast
  • Vibrant colors
  • Fast print times

Rich Sound

  • Thicker than ABS plastic
  • Resonant and deep
  • Thocky

Kono Advantages

Agile Production

  • Our production process is optimized for a rapid turnaround.

Quality control

  • We produce physical samples of your design before the set goes live to ensure complete accuracy.

Superior Color Accuracy

  • No more color-matching or unmet expectations. We work with the manufacturer directly to ensure the color of your keycap set matches your design.

Design Flexibility & Production Capability

  • Make your custom novelties and kits exactly the way you want, with any font and very few restrictions.

Matching Accessories

  • Our factory network can produce aviator cables, desk mats, artisans, wrist rests, and more. We can match to Pantones and assist in color-matching any accessory to your set.

Low MOQs

  • We offer a low minimum order quantity that works within your budget.

Competitive Payouts

  • We offer competitive payouts and reruns for successful sets.

Marketing and Customer Base

  • We’ll get your design and social media in front of a large audience of keyboard enthusiasts via our website, email marketing, and social media.

Free Designer Sets

  • We give every designer a copy of their set on us.


We can help you make accessories for your keycap set!

Aviator Cables



Let’s go make some keycaps!

Contact us and start the process of bringing your idea to life!