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Kono Gift Guide 2018

Welcome to the Kono Gift Guide!

Take a look at the products the Kono Team recommends if you need some ideas for stocking stuffers and year-makers alike!

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Under $30

finessCity Titanium Chopsticks - $17

Titanium is a high performance metal. Chopsticks are a cool way to eat. Combine the two and you end up with a practical gift that will last for ages — the aluminum carrying case doubles down on durability. These chopsticks are sustainable too. Just wash / rinse them when you’re done.

Why it's cool:

These are a great environmentally friendly alternative to disposible chopsticks. The carrying case makes it a perfect lunchbox companion.

Sperry GFCI Outlet Tester - $8

Handyman or not, this outlet tester is a useful gadget to have around. Proper grounds are important for PCs, audio equipment, and lab equipment — checking on your home’s wiring is a good idea for everyone. GFCI is also an important test point, as it is designed to protect you in bathrooms and kitchens (two places with lots of water and appliances).

Why it's cool:

Test your outlets to have the comfort knowing that your precious electronics are safe.

Gonzo Gizmos — Science & Engineering Book - $11

Learn about science by building simple to assemble toys and experiments! Using house-hold items or easily attainable materials, create projects and devices that demonstrate core aspects of many science and engineering topics.

Explore electromagnetism, build simple radios from spare parts, tackle thermodynamics, and more — to teach yourself (or someone you love) the wonders and magic of science.

Many projects can be completed in just a few minutes, making this an ideal gift for scientifically-inclined parents or science-lovers with short attention spans.

Why it's cool:

A guidebook for demonstrating scientific phenomena with easy-to-attain items. This book is perfect for someone interested/learning about science or an adult looking for a way to demonstrate the wonders of science to a younger audience. Produce wonderous effects in your own home in minutes, sure to impress even the least-interested of onlookers.

Otamatone Synthesizer - $20

Is it an instrument? A meme? A sign of the end times? We don’t know, but we’re certain that the Otamatone is a multinational internet sensation. Its bizarre noises and reasonable musical range make it a fun toy for everyone. Adults, kids, pets… The potential is endless. Whether you're a music lover, instrument aficionado, or just like making funny sounds, the Otamatone is sure to brighten your day. Just don't give it to a young child, unless they're not yours and you want the parents to suffer.

Why it's cool:

I mean look at it.

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillow - $15

Travelers — whether they're hiking outdoors or camping on an airport bench during a layover — will appreciate having a place to rest their head. This inflatable pillow is exactly what space-conscious individuals can use to meet that need.

Easily inflate with your breath to create a comfortable pillow wherever you go. Compresses down into an included pocket-sized pouch for easy transport.

Why it's cool:

This pillow makes a great companion to any trip. Fits easily into any bag or even a (bulging) pocket if carrying space is in short supply.

Galileo Thermometer - $20

Screen-based thermometers can be an eyesore in carefully decorated spaces. Gift this beatiful glass model, which works on the principles of bouyancy and density, as a practical conversation piece.

Why it's cool:

A piece of scientific history for those scientifically and/or historically inclined.

Darn Tough Socks - $20

As kids, holiday gift socks were a disappointment. Now that we're (purportedly) adults getting premium socks is one of the best things ever. Pick these merino wool masterpieces up to become a favorite gift-giver.

Why it's cool:

A nice pair of socks can easily become a favorite pair of socks. Give someone the gift of a superior experience that they didn't know they were missing.

Symphonized DRV Genuine Wood Bluetooth Wireless Active Earbuds - $27

These wireless earbuds are a great option for on-the-go people who want a value buy without sacrificing build or audio quality. Wood enclosures add body to earbud sound, so these should satisfy picky listeners. Comes with a durable carrying case so you can feel comfortable tossing them into your bag when you're done listening.

Why it's cool:

Great features and sound quality for the price. The wood design strikes a very nice look beyond their budget.

Ex Officio Underwear - $20

These breathable, anti-microbial boxer-briefs are a perfect option for both the most active and least active of us. Bring some subtle luxury into your or someone you know's life.

Ideal for backpackers who require some heavy duty underwear that can handle the harshest conditions inside and out. Quick drying technology allows you to wash them quickly and easily anywhere you go.

Why it's cool:

These are designed to withstand some brutal punishment and come out good as new. Perfect for those on long excusions into uncivilized territory and can't reliably use a washing machine. For those less actively inclined of us, these will help keep your lower half fresh during that 24 hour+ computer session.

CamelBak Podium Big Chill 25oz Insulated Water Bottle - $15

CamelBak is a solid hydration brand. This is a big water bottle for cyclists. Its insulation is designed to keep your drink cold — lukewarm water is the worst. It’s an easy pickup for that cyclist in your life that always seems to have an ancient Gatorade-themed bottle in their kit.

Why it's cool:

The cap self seals, meaning water isn't going to leak everywhere after you take a quick sip and put it back in your bag or holder.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle - $30

This trendy, easy to grip water bottle is an easy option for any sort of drink. It has impressive dual wall vacuum insulation, along with additional honeycomb material, to keep things at temperature for hours. Its exterior powder coat is durable, available in tons of colors, and increases texture in comparison to uncoated metallic bottles. It’s a gift that applies to just about everyone.

Why it's cool:

If you (or someone you know) doesn't already have one of these style bottles, they're pretty nice and nearly indestructible. Someone in your life would probably greatly benefit from a solid water bottle.

Hydration Backpack - $24

Water backpacks are useful for just about everyone participating in a non-contact sport or hobby. This is almost a no-brainer for mountain bikers and other high-intensity long-distance cyclists, or even casual joggers and hikers.

Why it's cool:

You've probably seen these before, if you know someone who does a lot of hiking this is a great alternative to lugging around a large water bottle or two.

Under $75

XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Multi-Use Electric Computer Duster - $49

If you're here, you may be a nerd. At the very least you know one. Forget about running out of that precious compressed air. Get this duster to make PC cleanup easy — it doubles as a way to trick that one computer-fixing relative into cleaning your desktop.

Why it's cool:

You (or someone you know) will never need to buy another can of duster again.

Venzo Bicycle Torque Wrench Tool Kit - $46

Cyclists take their rides seriously. Getting them gifts to help with their sanctimonious hobby / commute method / religion will earn you a ton of brownie points. This bicycle torque wrench also keeps them somewhat safe on the road — nothing will fall off the bike except the rider. Particularly handy for emergency fixes on long journeys.

Why it's cool:

A solid set of tools recommended by our resident long-distance bicycling enthusiast (and engineer).

Rareform Anderson Bifold Wallet - $38

Rareform creates unique, one-of-a-kind products using recycled billboard vinyl. Each wallet pattern is inherently different, and the one you choose on their website is the design that you’ll get. Find a pattern and color scheme that matches your loved one’s preferences for a memorable and functional gift.

Why it's cool:

These durable, long-lasting wallets can be found in a wide array of unique designs and colors because of the manufacturing processes.

Night Tech Running Shoe Lights - $50

Daylight always seems to be in short supply for busy runners, and these shoe lights make dark runs less painful. Forget about holding a flashlight or wearing headache-inducing headlamps. Hikers will also enjoy the convenience of having their path lit in the nights spent away from civilization.

Why it's cool:

Run at night and not get hit by a bus, or be the coolest kid at school with your incredibly bright DIY lightup shoes. Also frees up a hand from carrying a flashlight during adventures into the night (like walking the dog).

Reclamation Etchworks Personalized Decanter - $49

These custom etched decanters are a great way to impress your drink-inclined relatives. They may even show that you paid attention in English class. Most famous authors were boozy, so you might want to pregame it before whipping out your fancy keyboard and composing a masterpiece.

Why it's cool:

Step up someone’s alcohol game while simultaneously giving them a personally customized gift.

SensorPEDIC Memory Foam Pillow - $56

This luxury pillow is perfect for someone you know who has neck/back pain or a rough time sleeping. Upgrade a large portion of their day (or more likely night) with this thoughtful gift.

Why it's cool:

If you know someone who enjoys sleeping (or wishes they enjoyed sleeping) and doesn't already have a nice pillow, this one is a no-brainer.

Onsen Bath Towel - $55

Fancy towels are a great housewarming gift. These are top-tier "bath sheets," so you know they're special, as well as picked by our team member who used to live in Japan. We actually find that they're extra-useful in humid climates — the higher surface area in their weave helps them dry quickly and avoid mildew.

Why it's cool:

Add some luxury to the daily routine with an incredibly comfortable and absorbent towel.

Extech MN62-K True RMS Multimeter - $60

Anyone who touches electronics — be they trailer wires or PCB prototypes — needs a reliable multimeter. This reasonably priced model offers True RMS, which is useful for measuring different waveforms in more advanced applications. The MN62-K is a meter that you (or a budding family electronics hobbyist) can grow with. It’s also more durable than the cheap models you’ll find at local tool stores.

Why it's cool:

Someone you know probably wants one real bad.

Wera Electronics Precision Screwdriver Set - $32

Everyone needs a solid set of micro drivers. Torx and hex heads are showing up in more and more consumer electronics — be ready to replace batteries and perform quick fixes in your gadgets.

Why it's cool:

If you work with electronics or computers, a set of small screwdrivers are necessary. These are a great option for someone who doesn't have some yet or needs an upgrade from some cheap ones.

Lord of the Rings - Anduril, Sword of Aragorn - $69

Our CEO's cousin buys swords for relatives who refuse to tell him what they want for Christmas — you can't go wrong with that tactic. Either they love it (because nerds are cool) or they hate it... While the rest of your family thinks it's the funniest thing ever. Especially when it shows up at the white elephant party next year

Why it's cool:

It's a sword.

Big Gifts

TS80 Portable USB-C Soldering Iron - $110

Portable soldering irons are extremely useful for techs and hobbyists. This one operates on USB-C QC, meaning a power bank can heat it up in the field. There's no flame or combustion involved either — you won't need to pay for Butane gas or worry about having a spare can.

Why it's cool:

Solder anywhere. Bring to the next keyboard meetup, or to keep it in your backpack for some emergency electronic fixes.

Ember Travel Mug - $150

Temperature controlled coffee mugs may sound like science fiction, but they are oh-so-real. This is the best one we’ve found — it’s perfect for all hot drinks. Tea, hot cacao, and the ubiquitous coffee all work perfectly in this veritable chalice.

Why it's cool:

I mean it's warm.

VIZIO Sound Bar - $160

TV speakers tend to sound "meh" — they simply don't have enough space to work as panels get thinner and thinner. Check out this Vizio 2.1 sound bar (with a wireless sub) if you cringe every time the bass is missing on movie night, or know someone who does.

Why it's cool:

That TV you bought on Black Friday for $300 off definitely does not have good speakers.

Arc'Teryx Arro 22 Backpack - $200

Comfortable, well-built backpacks are critical for on-the-go people. The Arc’teryx Arro 22 was a recommendation from one of our team. It’s designed to sit perfectly between an outdoors / escapist pack and a metropolitan workhorse. Laptop capacity? Check. Hydration bladder space — for things like CamelBaks? Check. It even has hiking-inspired front buckles so it stays secure during rapid runs to the car, metro, or bicycle.

Why it's cool:

Keep your laptop and other valuables safe on the go with firm construction and water-tight zippers. Take it on the road for a rugged

Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder - $200

The Zoom H4N is a feature rich audio recorder. Record high quality audio, instruments, and sounds on the go. Mount it on a camera for production quality point and shoot audio recording. Plug it in to a computer as a USB microphone or audio interface. A true audio jack-of-all-trades.

Why it's cool:

Wide array of uses: standalone microphone, mounted camera microphone, usb microphone, usb audio interface, personal recorder. Record voice, audio, or instruments anywhere at intense clarity.

BioLite FirePit - Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit Grill - $200

Smart fire pit are the last words you expect to hear, but even if you're a Scout it's a helpful gadget. Keep your friends and family warm and free from dangerous inhalants. Comfortably grill your meals without the presence of smoke. USB outlets save your devices' battery life in case of emergency or when you forgot to charge your phone the night before the drive up.

A handful of accessories can customize and enhance the experience as well. An energy pack (sold separately) can power air injection jets to keep the flames high. In addition, a solar powered cover (also sold separately) can keep it topped off. Control it all with a Bluetooth phone — why camp without tech?

Why it's cool:

It's a fire pit that doubles as a grill with technology that removes the smoke. For those with asthma or are sensitive to smoke it could be a campfire/grill game-changer.

Deskview Attachable Standing Desk for Glass Surfaces - $200

At least one of your pals works in some bourgeoisie excuse for an office with floor-to-ceiling windows. To help them along their path to executivehood, get them this desk. Just remind them that it will be difficult to hold meetings with their back turned to everyone else in the room — this is a secondary desk, not a primary one.

Apply or remove the sturdy suction discs (up to 40lbs) to a glass surface in seconds, making an on-demand standing desk when you start to feel fatigued or simply get your daily sun while still working on the computer. Designed for long-term use as well and leaves no marks.

Why it's cool:

Attach for a convenient standing desk in any office with large glass windows. Complement the standard office desk with a separate functional standing desk or use as a unique alternative.

Valentine One Radar Detector - $450

This is the most well-reviewed radar detector on the market. It’s not cheap, but it may very well pay for itself. If you, your partner, your parent, or your family member has a penchant for going fast (and racking up tickets in the process) the Valentine One can provide timely reminders to check the speedometer and dial things back.

Why it's cool:

We had an internal discussion whether it was legal to give this away or not.