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Hexgears X-1 FAQ

What Bluetooth version does the X-1 require?

The X-1 requires an adapter and operating system that support the full 4.x spec. It will not connect with earlier Bluetooth versions.

What operating system versions are compatible?

If your operating system natively supports the full Bluetooth 4.x spec it should be compatible with the X-1 — you will also need a BT 4.x adapter. Windows 7 does not natively support BT 4. We do not guarantee X-1 compatibility with Windows 7, even if you install a BT 4.x dongle that uses custom drivers.

What do the indicator lights on the upper right bezel mean?

From left to right: num lock indicator, caps lock indicator, keyboard / pairing status.

How do I pair an X-1 with a Bluetooth device?

  1. When unplugged and charged, turn the keyboard on. If this is the first time you're using the keyboard, please hold Fun + Esc to perform a factory reset.
  2. Press and hold Fun + Bluetooth Icon (1) until the pairing status indicator (rightmost blue indicator light) begins blinking. It may blink automatically.
  3. Search for Bluetooth connections on your device. You should see X-1 BK-1.
  4. BK-# indicates the Bluetooth slot your device is paired with.
  5. Use other Bluetooth slots by pressing Fun + Bluetooth Icon (#).
  6. You can force pairing mode by holding Fun + Bluetooth Icon (#).
  7. When plugged in, you may need to press Fun + Backspace to disable the wired connection and enable Bluetooth mode.

How can I check battery level?

There isn't a direct way to check battery (though it may display in certain operating system Bluetooth panels — this varies based on hardware and OS version). When battery is low, the rightmost bezel indicator light may blink and the backlighting will shut down (flicker may occur due to variable voltage near depletion). The keyboard may continue to work without backlighting for some time.

How can I maximize battery life?

To keep the X-1 going for as long as possible, shut it down with the rear slider switch when not in use and / or disable backlighting. You can also turn off NumLock by pressing the Num key on the number pad, which shuts down an LED.

Does the X-1 shut down automatically?

Not entirely, but it does enter a power saving mode after approximately 4 minutes without use. The backlighting shuts down in power saving mode. We recommend that you turn the X-1 off completely via its power button / slider when not in use — otherwise its battery life will be significantly decreased. This prevents the X-1 from idling and / or exiting power saving mode if its keys are unintentionally pressed in backpacks (or other tightly packed bags).

How should I charge an X-1, and what cables are compatible?

The X-1 will charge with any USB-A to USB-C cable and / or any USB-C cable that contains power resistors. It's easiest to use the stock cable. The X-1 will charge faster with its backlighting disabled. Phone adapters will charge the keyboard if their USB-C cable contains resistors or their originating plug is USB-A.

Does the X-1 have Mac modes / firmware?

It does not, but native and third party remapping software is available. You can change its layout via OS settings when the keyboard is in wired mode. In wireless mode that may not work. The Fun key cannot be remapped. Please refer to this link for helpful instructions:

Are Mac keycaps available for the X-1?

Not at this time. Kono Store is still interested in creating them, but that project would occur in the future. Kono Store also wants to make other keycap colors available.

How can I set white or per-key backlighting colors?

You can enable white / custom backlighting by pressing Fun + F1 for 5 seconds. Three lights on the upper right-hand bezel will start flashing and the F1 key will glow red. Press Fun + Numpad 8 / Color until the F1 key changes to the desired color. Then press every key on the keyboard (including F1 and Numpad 8) that you want to change. Press Fun + F1 to exit programming mode and you'll be all set.

Note that white backlighting will drain your battery more than other modes, as it uses all three RGB components. We think Hexgears disabled this color in default modes to increase battery life.

How much noise will the X-1 make, and which switch is quiet?

The Red switch versions are the most quiet. Browns are slightly louder. White switches are loudest. Almost all mechanical keyboards make more noise than their counterparts, so plan to hear a bit of echo in the switches and case.

Hexgears X-1 Troubleshooting

X-1 won't connect / drops Bluetooth:

  • Check your device's supported Bluetooth version (must support full 4.x spec)
  • Try a different Bluetooth port (ex. If it was paired in the default Fun + 1, try pairing with Fun + 2, Fun + 3, or Fun + 4)
  • Perform a factory reset and check the FAQ pairing instructions (above)
  • Charge your X-1 overnight — it may have arrived with low battery
  • Move your X-1 closer to your device — your BT adapter may have a poor antenna
  • Try pairing your X-1 with other devices to check functionality
  • For Mac, re-set the BT radio (shift-option, click the menu-bar bluetooth icon, select ‘Reset the Bluetooth module’ in Debug menu) and pair the keyboard again.
  • If those steps don't help, contact

X-1 Bluetooth indicator light won't blink / is solid:

  • Perform a factory reset and check the FAQ pairing instructions (above)
  • Make sure the keyboard is unplugged
  • Turn your X-1 on in wireless mode with RGB lighting active
  • Place a stack of coins on one of the arrow keys to keep it pressed down (lighting stays on)
  • Allow the keyboard to run completely out of battery (such that it won't turn on in wireless mode)
  • Charge the keyboard — this should resolve the issue

X-1 backlight is flickering:

  • Charge your X-1 overnight — it may have arrived with low battery
  • Use a different cable for the overnight charge
  • Note that roughly 4 hours of battery life in RGB mode is expected
  • If those steps don't help, contact

X-1 is missing keystrokes:

  • Charge your X-1 overnight — this can be caused by extremely low battery
  • Move your X-1 closer to your device — your BT adapter may have a poor antenna
  • Try to lengthen your key presses, as mechanical keys usually require longer strokes than some laptop / chiclet keyboards
  • Try the X-1 with other devices to see if the same issue is present
  • If those steps don't help, contact

X-1 space bar is loose / tilting at extreme angles:

  • Sometimes the stabilizer, a device that holds long keys level, is loosened in transit due to vibrations and rough handling from couriers
  • Remove the space bar — gently pry it up with a credit card
  • Line the + shaped pegs up with their receptacles on the space bar
  • Firmly press the space bar down so that the pegs are reseated
  • You can use small slivers of plastic food wrap in the + shaped receptacles to increase grip as well, though this should be a last step
  • If those steps don't help, contact