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1.8mm Keyboard LEDs (100 pack)

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Add color to your keyboard with our carefully curated LED packs. After reviewing numerous options, we selected 1.8mm through-hole LEDs that perform optimally in keyboard applications.

1.8mm LEDs are compatible with a wide range of switches. Their hybrid form factor (rectangular / round) distributes light more effectively than traditional round LEDs.

Larger LEDs can alter switch travel (as they interfere with certain keycaps), be incompatible with switches, and spread light less evenly on transparent legends.

Each pack contains 100 LEDs.

Note: installation requires soldering knowledge. Remember that the long lead is positive! Be sure to check if you need to install the LEDs before or after your switches. If they have a through-hole for LEDs then you can solder after, if it is solid you need to solder before installing the switches!


  • Blue - 466-469 nm
  • Green - 517-520 nm
  • Orange - 590-593 nm
  • Red - 620-625 nm
  • Violet - 400-405 nm
  • White - Mixed

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