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MDA Big Bone Keycap Set

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The Shang Dynasty, which formed around 1600 BCE, left behind strange character-covered divination tools as an accidental record of its existence. Big Bone keycaps are inspired by those time-worn oracle bone inscriptions. The bones perplexed farmers and scholars for thousands of years.

Join this group buy to draw on their mystery and prestige — the new MDA profile is a perfect way to build your own keyboard rituals.

This is the first time MDA profile has been available with PBT plastic and dye-sublimated legends.

kit information

Please view the last image in our gallery. You can zoom in to see nonstandard key sizes and included keys for each keyset. The 6U spacebar has an offset central mount location; that may be the case for other specialty space kits as well. This is something the designer / vendor did not communicate to us.

more history

Oracle bones were a vital part of ancient Chinese culture. Mystics carved questions on turtle shells and ox bones, then applied blistering heat. Crazing and cracks from the process were used to judge auspicious times for various acts. Battles, agricultural plantings, and family fortunes were made or broken by the bones.


As time passed, oracle bones were lost or discarded. Many ended up in fields and dumping sites. Knowledge of pyromancy, the divination art used by bone sages, faded into obscurity.

Thousands of years later, in the 1800s, villagers started to uncover and discuss the carved oddities. The unique patterns and markings led local physicians to sell them as dragon bones, a remedy for any number of ailments (once pulverized).

A prominent Chinese scholar, who may have been sick and working with his doctor, discovered the significance of the bones. Frenzied collecting and deep international studies followed his revelation. No one knows how many precious writings were consumed by traditional medicine or lost to collectors abroad, but regimented excavations and rigorous translations preserved untold amounts of oracle bone messages.

The oracle bones provided irrefutable proof of the Shang Dynasty, which some considered a legend, and deep insight into China's history.

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