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Cerakey Ceramic Keycap Set

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Cerakey is the first keycap set in the world made of ceramic. As a long-lasting material, ceramic has been used in human history for thousands of years. As a keycap, it offers a unique and silky smooth typing feel with audible thockiness and semi-transparency for gorgeous backlit effects. 

Plastic keycaps just don't compare. To the touch, Cerakeys are warm, jade-like, and silky smooth. Unlike plastic keycaps, which sacrifice shine-through for thockiness, Cerakeys have both high light-transmittance and a deep thocky sound. They're also physically and chemically sturdier-they won't fade or corrode from sweat or grease. 

Unlike the fragile and heavy ceramic found in most consumer-grade applications, Cerakey uses industrial grade alumina ceramic that is both stronger and lighter. Cerakeys are sculpted in comfortable Cherry Profile that helps you feel out each row with your fingers. MX-compatible, they can be used in a massive variety of keyboards. 


  • Profile: Cherry Profile 
  • Compatibility: standard Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones
  • Material: Alumina ceramic
  • 113 ceramic keys included
  • Choose between White, Black and Crazed (Blue) Ceramic Keycap Sets

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