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DSA Groove Keycap Set

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DSA Groove, the first set by co-designers PyroL and SyntacticSugarGlider, is inspired by 1960s music and pop art. This keyset’s bright reverse dye-sublimated colors, sharp contrast, and novel flair recall the artistic trends of that period — they're still iconic today. The 60s pioneered amazing cultural and industrial innovations without losing a defined sense of style. Groove's retro theme and material design pay homage to that revolutionary era.

This keyset comes ready for use on any keyboard up to 104-key fullsize (standard ANSI) and 6.25u or 7u spacebar. The all-in-one base kit includes compatibility with Kira, True Fox layout, and common ISO layouts (including short left shift). It also packs in some groovy novelty caps sporting music-themed 60s icons.


  • Dye-sublimated PBT
  • ANSI 104, ISO, True Fox, and Kira support
  • Novelty keys included

DSA Groove Keycaps

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