DSA Mystery Keycap Set

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Smooth gradients and soft, comforting colors make DSA Mystery by zFrontier one of the most engaging keycap sets on the market. If the origins of its colorway are curious, its novelty keycaps are downright cryptic. Browser crash saurians, cute felines, astrological signs, and a jumble of other symbols made their way into the set. Its beauty, however, isn’t mysterious at all.

Note: this product is a group buy and has an estimated ship time of September 2018.

Subtle gradients and detailed white-on-color legends were borderline impractical until Keyreative developed an air-dye sublimation process. Dye is blocked from the legend area, which allows the base keycap color to show through. It’s a clever and sharp reverse dye sublimation system that allows for beautiful new colorways.

Investigate this gradient-filled set with hundreds of enthusiasts around the world. It’s an elementary colorway for typists who appreciate gentle saturation. Strong colors have their place, but boldness lacks a certain... Mystery.


  • Designed by zFrontier
  • Dye sublimated PBT
  • DSA profile
  • Produced by Keyreative using a unique air sublimation process


This product is a group buy and has an estimated ship time of September 2018. 


zFrontier Link (China Proxy): https://www.zfrontier.com/m/3614

MyKeyboard.eu Link (Europe Proxy): https://mykeyboard.eu/catalogue/category/keycaps/dsa-mystery_83/

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