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ePBT Flaming Ice

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Note: This was a Group Buy that launched May 23 and closed June 22. Estimated production completion and delivery is Q3 2023. Extras were not ordered for this Group Buy.

Take a thrilling journey to the peaks of the Meili Snow Mountain without leaving your desk with ePBT's Flaming Ice keycaps. The design draws its inspiration from the spectacle of sunlight glinting off the mountain's icy peaks—a sight said to bring a year's worth of luck to those fortunate enough to see it. With rock black for the rugged mountain base, snow mountain blue for the icy heights, and a golden accent to capture that magical sunlit peak—the keyboard’s colors embody the heart of a mountainside adventure. 

But this keyboard adventure doesn't stop at stunning colors. Designed by the brilliant SJC, the keycaps fit comfortably on a wide array of mechanical keyboards, so you can get that mountaintop typing experience no matter your setup. And for those who truly want to outfit their keyboard with adventure-ready keys, you can add a set of novelties to your collection. From Himalayan prayer flags and climbing ropes to maps, campfires, and carabiners—these charming additions are here to remind you of your adventurous spirit every time you sit down to type. 

The Flaming Ice keycaps are made from top-notch PBT and use a high quality reverse dye-sublimation process. That means they're not only as sturdy as a mountain but they'll also resist fading, no matter how fast your fingers fly. These keycaps use the renowned Cherry profile, a gold standard in keycap design known for its comfortable typing experience, ensuring your fingers glide smoothly and comfortably across your keyboard’s terrain.


  • Produced by ePBT
  • Designed by SJC
  • Cherry Profile
  • PBT Material
  • Reverse dye-Sublimation