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Ergodox XDA & DSA Keycaps

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Note: This is a Pre-Order for the following keycaps: White XDA, Black DSA and White DSA. These are expected to ship February 2022.

Black XDA keycaps are currently in-stock and will ship now if ordered separately from any GB or Pre-order items.

These blank XDA and DSA keycap sets are uniform profile, meaning they are the same height and shape across all keys. XDA Keycaps are slightly taller than DSA, with a bubbled, rounded incline with a comfortable wide scooped top.

DSA has a similar profile to XDA but has a shorter height and straighter shape, with a top scoop that is similar to SA. Many users find the the low-profile design to be very comfortable, especially for split boards where reaching is common. 

These are made with PBT plastic, a high quality and oil-resistant plastic that's great for long term use. Fits 76 key Ergodox models including the Hot Dox V2.