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Everglide Panda Gold-Plate Mounted Stabilizer Set

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Take your keyboard to the next level with these gold-plated stabilizers, for increased durability and oxidization resistance!

Stabilizers can be one of the most overlooked parts of a board, while providing a huge quality of life improvement for daily use. Stock stabilizers are often uneven and create rattle, even when heavily greased. Experience true smoothness across your entire board and achieve true keyboard nirvana with these stabilizers from Everglide.

  • [7x] - 2u (2.25u, 2.5u, and 2.75u) stabilizers
  • [1x] - 6.25u / 7u stabilizer wire
  • Stabilizer hardware


  • Gold-plated wires, stainless steel alloy
  • Polymer stabilizer material
  • High precision molding
  • Plate mounted
  • Compatible for MX PCBs
  • Manufactured by Durock