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Finalkey V65 R2 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Note: This was a group buy that launched March 9 and closed April 11. Estimated production completion is Q2 2023. 

The Finalkey V65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit is the ideal compact kit for work, home, and travel. Thanks to its wireless capabilities, it seamlessly integrates into any workspace. It effortlessly connects to your work PC, your tablet on the go, or your Mac at home. Plus, it's ideal for shared workspaces or serene surroundings where noise can be a potential disturbance. This is thanks to multiple dampening layers of Poron and foam, which work harmoniously to effectively absorb sound and enhance typing feel. 

By using QMK firmware with VIA, you can achieve complete mastery over your keyboard — customize key mappings, design layers, and configure macros effortlessly — all without requiring any firmware re-flashing. You can even customize the anodized metal knob to control volume, screen brightness, and more. The RGB backlighting feature offers a broad spectrum of colors and lighting effects to select from, letting you craft a customized appearance that aligns with your style or mood. 

The ability to hot-swap switches lets you assemble your kit without any soldering and customize it easily. The gasket mount imparts a slightly softer feel to the keyboard, as the plate is not in direct contact with the other metallic components of the keyboard. The shell is made of CNC machined 6063 aluminum, an exceptionally durable material that won't show rust or other natural signs of aging.


Note: this kit does not include Switches.

  • Doubleshot translucent keycaps
  • Anodized aluminum knob
  • 6063 aluminum alloy shell
  • PCB
  • PC positioning board
  • FR4 positioning plate
  • PCB satellite axis
  • Poron sandwhich cotton
  • IXPE switch pad
  • Poron bottom cotton
  • 3000mAH battery
  • Type-c separation board
  • Aluminum alloy mirror nameplate
  • Assembly screws
  • USB-A to C cable
  • Dual-purpose key puller / switch puller
  • Hex screwdriver


  • Doubleshot translucent ABS keycaps, 3 color options that match each kit
  • Dual-mode PCB, bluetooth/wired, VIA support
  • Anodized aluminum knob
  • 6063 aluminum alloy full CNC shell
  • PC positioning board, FR4 positioning board
  • Kailh hot-swappable switch sockets, supports three and five pin switches
  • RGB backlight, south facing
  • 3000mAH lithium battery
  • Silicone pads, free spare pads
  • Aluminum alloy mirror nameplate
  • Gasket mount structure
  • USB-C port
  • Dual key puller/switch puller included
  • Hex screwdriver included

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