GMK Calm Depths Keycap Set


Calm Depths is an immersive oceanic colorway — this interest check marks its Cherry profile debut. Geekhack user CalmB4tehPwn brought the original SA set to life with input from the community. Now, thanks to Oblotzky, Calm Depths is on its way to production at GMK.

GMK Calm Depths pairs remarkably well with the rich, saturated colors favored by custom keyboard manufacturers. Luscious shades of blue and grey combine to create a portrait of the most important physical feature of our planet — the oceans. Mid-height sculpted Cherry profile allows for wider visual compatibility; some find SA strange on keyboards without high bezels.

Let Calm Depths lap at your keyboard. Imagine the sounds of a remote island or scuba-friendly reef. Hammer away at your keyboard like the ocean scours the cliffs, accenting beautiful erosion. Keyboards are a tool for creation, yes, but they're also meant for expression. We can think of nothing more expressive than the saltwater expanses of our Earth.

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